#Gadhvi (He thought he was Gandhi) (2018)

#Gadhvi (He thought he was Gandhi) (2018) Watch Online

Director: Gaurav Bakshi
Writer: Gaurav Bakshi
Stars: Sanjay Mishra, Rasika Dugal, Akshay Oberoi
Story : When a retired, widower inadvertently takes on the establishment, the nondescript Ram Nath Gadhvi becomes the social media sensation, #Gadhvi. The story unfolds with a Gandhian (read pacifist) Gadhvi taking on the machinations of the hired gun, Omkar! However, Gadhvi is no ordinary Gandhian, he believes he is the reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi himself! And only by shattering this apparent delusion can Omkar succeed in his mission of suppressing the swelling anger against his masters, the establishment. What sets off as a motley cast of characters, takes a serious turn when Gadhvi becomes a social media hero- and the only way to bring him down seems to be to bring down Gadhvi’s core beliefs. The satire works like a thriller where one is kept guessing about who is Gadhvi. Is Gadhvi really a Gandhi reincarnation? Will Omkar succeed? Will the truth set him free? Are we what we are destined to be? Or can we create our own destiny?


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